Bushtukah 2018 S.W.E.E.T Ambassadors Program Applications

We are looking for a few SWEET ambassadors for 2018. Here’s the scoop!


We are looking for women of any age and any fitness level to help us spread the word about achieving your personal fitness goals.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • You must have a personal first on your fitness list for 2018. It can be your first 5k, your first marathon, your first cycle tour, your first triathlon or something else we did not think of.
  • You must volunteer at a minimum of one event in 2018.
  • You must attend a minimum of one Bushtukah Women’s Clinic in 2018.
  • You must be active on social media and willing to post updates about your gear and your adventures.
  • You must join and be willing to post about your adventures in the SWEET Facebook group.
  • You agree to allow Bushtukah to use your posts and pictures on social media
  • You must be available to attend SWEET April 8th, 2018

Here is what we will do for you in return:

  • We will supply you with Bushtukah custom clothing appropriate for your activity (i.e. cycling jersey and shorts or tri top or running shirt)
  • You will receive an additional clothing allowance of $200 ($100 at the start of the program and $100 in July 2015) to buy clothing and gear appropriate for your activity at Bushtukah.
  • You will be eligible for at 25% discount on regular priced gear appropriate for your activity throughout 2018.

Email judyp@bushtukah.com for an application. Applications  must be submitted before March 9th, 2018.



At Bushtukah, we are committed to providing our customers with a great experience every time they walk through our doors by sharing our love of biking, running, swimming, triathlon, camping, snowshoeing and skiing.  We all know how important quality outdoor gear is to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoor activities we love.  Not only do our staff help our customers find solutions to their outdoor gear needs through quality brands, but they enjoy great discounts on gear for the activities they love!

Whether you are interested in a career in the outdoor gear industry, a student looking for part time work while attending school, or you just want to be part of a team that shares your passions and promotes the activities you love in the community, we offer flexible work schedules.  We are always looking for great staff to join our team as sales associates or bike mechanics.

We are looking for outgoing, enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgable and results-oriented team members who participate at all levels of the activities that we promote.

If you are interested in joining the Bushtukah team, please send a copy of your current resume and a brief cover letter indicating why you think you would be a good addition to our team to  employment@bushtukah.com


Come to one of our locations in Westboro (203 Richmond Rd) or Stittsville (5607 Hazeldean Rd.), introduce yourself to the Store Manager and deliver your cover letter and resume in person!