2016 Events- The Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour

Each year 2000 cyclists celebrate spring by getting up on Saturday morning and riding 180km from Ottawa to Kingston and then just because they can, on Sunday morning they ride back again!20160612_071029

The Ottawa Bicycle Club Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour has been going on for 45 years! Bushtukah has not been around that long but we have been a sponsor of this event for many years. We also provide some of the on route tech support.  Its always a great event and the OBC does an outstanding job.

This year will be one of the years everyone talks about. After a great ride with a tail wind both ways in 2015, 2016 was wet and windy. We are sure 2017 will be much nicer! This year’s event will be held June 10th and 11th, You can find details here

2015 Events- Cyclosportif Perth

This was the third year for this fall cycling tour and for the third year in a row the weather was outstanding! There are three rides available: The Roadie 100k, The Roadie Century and The Dirty Version- 100K on a mix of paved and dirt roads. Everything starts and ends at the Perth Fairgrounds where chilli and beer are severed post event.

We also like to think that this race has some of the best stocked rest stops ever. The shopping list for the Bushtukah rest stop included: 200 two-bite brownies, 80 bananas 150 bags of chips, 300 pieces of Halloween candy, Nunn, Gu and 14 jugs of water. The brownies went first!

The 2016 date for this event is September 24th. You can find more information here

2015 Events- The Ride to Turn the Tide

The Kanata Grassroot Grannies set out each year on a three day 265km cycle tour in early September to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign.

Leaving Stittsville on a day which looked like it would turn out to be rather damp.

This vibrant group has started the ride from our Stittsville location for the last few years and this year they finished with a triumphant ride down Richmond Road to our Westboro store.

Twenty-three riders and four support crew raised a total of $58,371! We look forward to sponsoring them again in 2016.  Check out all the details in this interview

2014 Events-The Cyclosportif Perth



This was the second year for this late season cycle tour and for the second year in a row we had great weather and fabulous fall colours. The rest stops are well stocked and there is beer and chilli at the finish! This year’s event will be held Sept 26th, 2015.

The Bushtukah rest stop, complete with two bite brownies.
The Bushtukah rest stop, complete with two bite brownies.
Justin and Jenny helping out.
Justin and Jenny helping out.


Bushtukah on route support on the road again.
Bushtukah on route support on the road again.


2014 Events-The Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour


2014-06-01 16.45.43
Leaving Ottawa.


We have been a major sponsor of this event for many years. How can anyone not want to get up in the morning, cycle from Ottawa to Kingston, spend the night and then cycle home again? Once again the OBC did a great job with this annual event and the weather was on our side too. Justin spent the weekend driving up and down the roads helping out stranded cyclists along the way. A great way to make new friends! Oh and the beer is cold in Kingston and in Ottawa! The 44th edition is scheduled for June 6th & 7th, 2015.

Kingston 180km later.
Kingston 180km later.