Triathlon 101: Packing for Race Day

Completing a three stage race in unpredictable weather conditions can require the most remarkable amount of stuff. Sit down a few days before the race, think about each stage, each transition and what will you need. If in doubt bring it.

 For the swim:

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A triathlon suit – These can be one or two piece. One piece is preferable if you will not be in a wetsuit. You can use a swimsuit but you will want to change in T1.

Goggles preferably open water ones – If you have an extra pair bring them just in case.

Swim cap- These are often provided but bring one just in case.

Wetsuit – This depends on water temperature and race distance but most Ottawa area events are wetsuit legal.

For the bike:

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Bike – If you take one wheel off to transport your bike make sure you bring that too!

Cycling shoes- If you are looking for a fast transition triathlon shoes are better because they use Velcro only.

Sunglasses- Even on an overcast day you need to protect your eyes from bugs.

Helmet- These must be CSA approved but any bike helmet purchased in Canada will be.

Gloves-  These are not always needed for shorter races.

Triathlon shorts- You can use bike shorts too but you can run in triathlon shorts. Bike shorts are more comfortable for longer rides but you will need to change in T2

Socks- These are not always required for the bike but you will need them for the run.

Water bottle(s) with water / electrolyte solution.

Snacks to eat on the bike.

Tri or cycling top- If you swam in a swimsuit you must cover your torso for the bike and run.

Arm warmers or jacket in case it’s cold.

Raincoat- Hopefully you will not need it but better to have it.

A race belt for your number- Most races no longer require you to wear your bib on the bike but check. You will need your number for the run.

A spare tube for your bike tires- You should be able to change a tire if you need to.

A hand pump or a CO2 pump with an extra cylinder- If you are bringing CO2 make sure you know how to use it.

Tire levers

For the run:

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Shoes – Speed laces are highly recommended.



A shirt and or shorts if you plan to change.

Gels or other nutrition if you plan to use them.

For the transitions and just in case:

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A towel- Bring a brightly coloured one so your spot is easier to find in the T-zone.

Two or three plastic bags – If it rains put one under your stuff in the T-zone, and lay one on top, the third one is just in case you need it for something.

A seat cover or bag to put over the seat of your bike if you will be leaving it in the Tzone overnight. Most races do not allow you to cover the whole bike.

Warm up clothes for before and after the race.

If you wear contacts or glasses: An extra pair of glasses or contacts.

Sandals to wear before the race, to walk to the swim and possibly to go from the swim to the T-zone.

If you have long hair: a couple of extra hair elastics.

Body Glide


A dollar store rain coat- These are good for keeping you warm and dry and they are disposable.

A pump for your tires- Most races will not allow you to leave it in the T-zone so pass it to a friend or supporter before the race. If you are leaving your bike in the Tzone overnight it is better to let some air out of the tires and pump up in the morning.

A water bottle for a drink or to clean off your feet.

A snack for before or after the race.

Baggies- Great for putting small things in, you can also unwrap bars before the race and put everything in a baggie instead.


Your list may differ just keep in mind:

Riding a bike when you are still wet can be cold at first.

Once you dry off you may get hot quite quickly.

The more clothes/ stuff you put on the more comfortable you will be but it will take longer to get through the T-zone.

You will be in the sun for a long time.

You could also be out in the rain for a long time.

Make sure you pack everything up the night before the race. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Give yourself lots of time before the race. You need to set up your stuff, get body marked, put your wetsuit on and do all the other things you would normally do before a running race.


Most of all, have fun!

Bushtukah Women’s Only Metric Century Clinic Application

This Program is now Full for 2017!

Thank you for your interest in the Bushtukah women’s ride your first metric century clinic. This is a free clinic, and spots are limited. 

We’ve planned a series of rides, of increasing distance, over a variety of great local roads for the next few months – and yes, these include an outing up to Champlain Lookout! Our goal century will be in mid-September.

To help make sure we have a group of riders who are well matched for riding together (both in pace, skill level and motivation), please answer the questions below. (If you’re not sure if this clinic is for you, we have a number of other group rides planned through the summer. Find out more at ) 




Thank you. We’ll be in touch! 


S.W.E.E.T 2017

The 10th Annual Bushtukah Women’s Only S.W.E.E.T.

Join us Sunday April 9th from 6:15pm to 9:15pm at our Westboro location (203 Richmond Rd) for the 10th annual Sporty Women’s Empowering Evening of Tips and Advice (SWEET).

A night all about inspiring women of all ages and abilities to get active. We have inspiring guest speakers, a short fashion show, local experts to chat with, sweet treats, awesome door prizes and we send everyone home with a loot bag!

This year’s speaker is Michelle

In May 2015 Michelle Earle was a mother of three, working full time, a spinning instructor and running half marathons.  Then in an instant life as she knew it changed.  An accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. Almost 2 years later, Michelle is working full time again and back in the saddle teaching spinning classes!!!  Join Michelle as she shares her courageous journey back to independence and inspiring others to reach their maximum potential and push beyond their limits.  

Tickets are $10 and 100% of the money (yes ALL $10) will be donated to a local charity. This year’s Charity is Ausome Ottawa  an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of families living with autism through sport.

·Have some extra dress clothes in your cupboard?

We will also be taking business clothing donations for Dress for Success Ottawa  The following items are needed. All items must be clean and in good repair. Before you donate it ask yourself would I wear this to a job interview?

Spring/Summer items ONLY

·         All sizes in suits, blazers, skirts, pants, blouses **Size 0-4 and 16 + are always more of a need 

·         Business Casual in all sizes

·         Dresses in all sizes, but large or extra-large are in more need

·         Professional Shoes in all sizes: heels, flats and boots

·         Light jackets/outerwear

·         Accessories – jewelry, purses, scarves

·         Sleeveless tops in all sizes (no spaghetti straps)

·         New camisoles

·         New knee-high stockings

·         Hotel size toiletries, deodorants, toothbrushes


Dress for Success Ottawa provides support to women who want to work and are ready to make positive change for themselves and their families. But, through challenging circumstances, they may have forgotten, or may never have known, that they are important, valuable members of our community who have a lot to offer potential employers. Dress for Success suits women for employment, from the inside out.


Tickets for SWEET can be purchased on-line only. They can be found here. Space is limited and we do expect the event to sell out again this year.






4th Annual Bushtukah Bike Night-  A Celebration of the Cycling Season Ahead

Join us Sunday March 26th 2017 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at our Westboro (203 Richmond Rd) location for a celebration of all that’s new and cool with bikes for 2017.

·         Meet experts from Trek, Cannondale, Cervelo and other premier cycling brands.

·         Meet local cycling groups and advocates to find out more about cycling activities in the area.

·         Enjoy free grub from the BBQ and sample some great beer.

·         Enter the draw for some awesome prizes.

2016 Events- 9 Run Run

This was the 7th year for this event. A 1/2 marathon, a 10K and a family 2k all held in Stittsville. A great event with a real community feel.

Ottawa’s Emergency Services support of this race makes it like no other in town. Uniformed Police. Paramedics and Firefighters passing out medals, the biggest flag around and the Chief’s Chilli  Cook-off which the Fire Services always win.

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Over the last 4 years this event has raised over $100,000 for charities involved with mental health.  Bushtukah has been involved with this race for several years. The 2017 date is October 14th . You can find more information here.

2016 Events – Velo MSM Mountain Fest

We are a participant in this not a sponsor but we wanted to talk about it because what started as a local event has become eastern Canada’s largest mountain bike festival. There are demos and displays by local dealers, activities for the whole family and some trail running too. A great opportunity to check out the trail network at Mont St Marie and a fun party weekend. The 2017 Velo MSN Mountain Fest will be held July 21-23. You can find more information  here

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