Tips for Buying a Triathlon Wetsuit.

Thinking about buying a wetsuit for open water swimming and triathlon? Here are a few triathlon wetsuit basics.


  • You need to try a wetsuit on before you buy it. The fits are different from one brand to another.
  • It has to be a triathlon wetsuit.  Regular wetsuits keep you warm but they do not provide the same flotation.
  • Any triathlon wetsuit will make you faster. Weaker swimmers get more out of a wetsuit than stronger swimmers do. Swimmers whose hips and legs tend to sink will see the biggest advantage because the wetsuit brings your hips up.
  • In general when you pay more for a wetsuit you get more panels with different thicknesses of neoprene. This makes the wetsuit easier to get on and off, easier to move in and it will make you a little faster. Bottom line buying any triathlon wetsuit makes much more difference than buying a more expensive one. Having said that the more expensive models are more comfortable and easier to swim in.
  • When you go to buy one, use the size charts as a starting point and try more than one brand.
  • Keep your fingernails away from the wetsuit because they can tear the neoprene.  Trying them on you may want to put a plastic bag over your hand/foot to get it into the wetsuit. Then pull it up a section at a time (one leg to knee, other leg, then up to hips etc.). If it is really easy to get on it’s too big! If it’s impossible to get on it’s too small.
  • You should be able to get a full range of motion in your arms with the wetsuit on and you should be able to do up the neck without feeling like it’s too tight. Trying on wetsuits takes a while so come alone or bring a friend who is willing to be very supportive!
  • If you plan to race in your wetsuit check first to make sure they are allowed at the event. All triathlons allow wetsuits unless the water is too warm (the cut off depends on the race and most local events are wetsuit legal). Open water swims may or may not allow wetsuits so check before you go. Our largest local event, the Bushtukah Bring on the Bay 3K Open Water Swim does allow wetsuits.

Bushtukah 2017 SWEET Ambassadors Program Applications

We are looking for a few Bushtukah SWEET ambassadors for 2017. Here’s the scoop!

We are looking for women of any age and any fitness level to help us spread the word about achieving your personal fitness goals.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • You must have a personal first on your fitness list for 2017. It can be your first 5k, your first marathon, your first cycle tour, your first triathlon or something else we did not think of.
  • You must volunteer at a minimum of one event in 2017.
  • You must be active on social media and willing to post updates about your gear and your adventures.
  • You must follow Bushtukah and Bushtukah Women on Facebook and be willing to provide updates about your adventures for use on Bushtukah and Bushtukah Women on Facebook. A minimum of 2 social media postings a month. You will also be asked to provide updates every 3 months.
  • You must attend a minimum of 1 Bushtukah women’s clinic.
  • You must become an active member of the SWEET Facebook group.
  • You agree to allow Bushtukah to use your posts and pictures on social media
  • You must be available to attend SWEET April 9th, 2017

Here is what we will do for you in return:

  • We will supply you with Bushtukah custom clothing appropriate for your activity (i.e. cycling jersey and shorts or tri top or running shirt)
  • You will receive an additional clothing allowance of $200 ($100 at the start of the program and $100 in July 2017) to buy clothing and gear appropriate for your activity at Bushtukah.
  • You will be eligible for at 25% discount on regular priced gear appropriate for your activity throughout 2017.

Email for an application. Applications must be submitted before March 3th, 2017.


2015 Events- The Girls Run Ottawa

This was the first year for this women’s only 5k event. It’s part of the  Canadian Woman’s Running Series which encourages participation and the bringing together of women of all ages. They even have a mother and daughter division.

The race started and finished at Terry Fox. A two loop course with enthusiastic participants.

This year’s event was held September 27th no date for  next year as of yet.

Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Cycling Essentials

A multi toolfor fixing stuff on the road.

Cycling glovesfor comfort.

Lights– for safety at night.

A bike computer– so you can track how far you went.

Bike shorts – these can’t be returned so be sure to try them on. 

A helmetmake sure it fits correctly!

A bell or a hornrequired by law in Ottawa.

A bike pump- a floor pump for home &  mini pump for the road.

A good lockso your bike will be there when you get back!

Cool Weather Riding Essentials

Merino wool socksfor warm toes.

A face mask.

Bootiesfor warm feet.

A thin winter hatto go under a helmet.

A cycling jacket & pants

A bike trainerfor days it’s too cold.

A training DVD– to make indoor training more fun.

Great Cycling Add-ons

A set of brushesto keep your bike shiny clean.

A repair standfor fixing stuff at home.

A Trek Travel trip– because it’s not cold everywhere!

A  cycling GPSto track your miles and much more.

Gear Flossfor a clean cassette.

A CO2 pump– for fast fixes on the road.

A wheel setto go fast!

A Bontrager Flare RT tail lightfor daytime visibility

A Thule-Chariot trailerso you can bring the kids.

A torque wrench– for getting the adjustments right.

A Retul bike fitfor comfort and speed.

A waterproof breathable cycling jacketfor all weather

A Garmin Edge Explore 1000the ultimate GPS bike computer.

A Stages Cycling Power Meterpower measurement made easy.

A Garmin Varia Rearview Radarto be extra safe.


Other 2014 Events


We had to pick 12 events to talk about but we wanted to mention a few of the other great events that we had the pleasure of being involved with in 2014. There are too many to list here but you might want to add a few of these to your 2015 calendar!

The Wellness Challenge – This 5k lunch time run and 3k walk starts in Tunney’s Pasture and travels out onto the Parkway. This year’s event raised over $25,000 for the GCWCC.

The MS Bike Tour -Two days of riding for a great cause.

The Ride for Refuge–  A one day ride for Matthew House Ottawa.

The Scotiabank Nordic Walk for Cancer Survivorship– Over 200 walkers raised $114,000 in 2014.

The Ride to Turn the Tide– This remarkable group of grannies and friends of grannies has raised over $300,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation since 2006.

The Beaver Chase run series – A local series held in Kanata which got it’s name when one of the participants was chased by a beaver!

The Duathlon of La Pêche–  A great early season event in the Gatineau hills.



At Bushtukah, we are committed to providing our customers with a great experience every time they walk through our doors by sharing our love of biking, running, swimming, triathlon, camping, snowshoeing and skiing.  We all know how important quality outdoor gear is to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoor activities we love.  Not only do our staff help our customers find solutions to their outdoor gear needs through quality brands, but they enjoy great discounts on gear for the activities they love!

Whether you are interested in a career in the outdoor gear industry, a student looking for part time work while attending school, or you just want to be part of a team that shares your passions and promotes the activities you love in the community, we offer flexible work schedules.  We are always looking for great staff to join our team as sales associates or bike mechanics.

We are looking for outgoing, enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgable and results-oriented team members who participate at all levels of the activities that we promote.

If you are interested in joining the Bushtukah team, please send a copy of your current resume and a brief cover letter indicating why you think you would be a good addition to our team to


Come to one of our locations in Westboro (203 Richmond Rd) or Stittsville (5607 Hazeldean Rd.), introduce yourself to the Store Manager and deliver your cover letter and resume in person!

Winter Running Basics


Thinking of running outdoors this winter? Here is some basic advice to help you stay as warm and comfortable as possible.

What to wear?

We added hyperlinks to a few examples but there are lots of choices available!

  • Layers, layers, layers… several thin layers are better than one thick one.
  • NO COTTON – cotton clothing absorbs sweat so you get cold and damp from the inside out. High tech synthetic and merino wool run clothing will absorb the sweat and pass it through to the next layer so you stay dry from the inside out.
  • Start with a synthetic base-layer or merino wool base-layer (Base-layer is the new word for long underwear). Both  will keep you warm and dry. Which is better is a matter of opinion and personal comfort.
  • If it’s really cold add a synthetic mid-layer or merino wool mid-layer. This layer can be something you would wear as an outer layer on a warmer day.
  • Add a breathable windproof layer on top. Under most conditions this layer does not need to be waterproof. It doesn’t rain when it’s really cold. If your outer layer is not breathable the moisture has nowhere to go and you will get wet and cold from the inside out.
  • A running jacket that wicks well is worth spending a little extra on. If your current jacket is wet on the inside when you finish a run it does not wick well.
  • Cycling or Nordic ski gear can be great running gear.  As a  general rule, you need less layers to run than you would to Nordic ski or cycle.
  • For men in particular,wind briefs are a really good investment. They make them for ladies too. If  you don’t have them, on really cold days add a pair of shorts under your running pants.
  • A hat and gloves are great  because you can take them off and stick them in a pocket if you get too  warm. You may even want to put mitts over your gloves to start your run.
  • On really cold days you need a balaclava  or a neck warmer to avoid frostbite.
  • Wool socks will make a  huge difference for keeping your toes warm.
  • Winter running shoes provide better traction and are warmer than regular running shoes. They are also a little stiffer so you may need a bigger shoe. Gore-tex versions of their regular shoes and Salomon’s water resistant runners are also popular with Bushtukah runners.
  • If your toes are freezing in your regular shoes try putting some duct tape over the toes. Buy the best duct tape you can find, the cheaper stuff tends to fall off.
  • If you want added traction Yaktrax Walk and Yaktrax Pros are not really durable enough for running. Try Diamond Grip ICE trekkers or Yaktrax Run, made specifically for running.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses. The snow makes everything brighter.
  • You should feel a little underdressed and cold when you first step outside, you will warm up once  you get going.
  • When you wash your wicking  clothes DO NOT use fabric softener it stops them from wicking correctly, most of your running gear should also be hung to dry.
  • Check the label on a running jacket as some of them should be put in the dryer not hung to dry.

How cold is too cold?

  • That is a matter of opinion. Your lungs will not freeze, the real risk is frostbite. Cover up and plan  your run so you can stop and get warm or get a ride home if you need to.
  • Wear a neck warmer or balaclava over your mouth when it’s really cold.
  • If you really need to run when it’s really cold Vaseline or Body Glide will help to protect uncovered skin.
  • Make sure you check  regularly for signs of frostbite.

How to run when it’s cold.

  • Start your run into the  wind and come back with the wind at your back.
  • The wind is the biggest  factor; avoid it if you can by running in sheltered areas.
  • Ice is also a major  concern. The roads are often in better shape than the sidewalks. If you can find some nice quiet side streets they are ideal. Be sure to run facing traffic.
  • Be flexible. In the winter you may need to change the days you run based on the weather. Start the week with a set of workouts in mind and move them around when the weather is uncooperative.
  • If you don’t get your run in don’t sweat it, stuff happens and according to Runner’s World we shouldn’t even bother running once it hits –20 with the wind chill!

The bottom line.

  • If you dress appropriately  and know your limits winter can be a great time to run. What better way to  enjoy a winter wonderland than to run though it!