S.W.E.E.T. Night

Sporty Women Empowering and Encouraging Together  (SWEET) is a year round program about inspiring women of all ages and abilities to get active. SWEET Night is how it all began. We have inspiring guest speakers, a short fashion show, local experts women can chat with, sweet treats, awesome door prizes and we send everyone home with a loot bag!


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This is a women’s focused event so all of the experts, speakers and staff are women. img_6509-2

We start the evening by giving everyone an opportunity to walk around the store and speak to the invited experts. Each expert has a display table.


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We have a stage and chairs set up for the speakers and a fashion show. We have different speakers each year, they all have different stories to inspire.


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The first SWEET event was held eleven years ago. We have gone from a small group of enthusiastic women to a huge group of enthusiastic women and WE LOVE IT!  In order to ensure that everyone continues to enjoy a great experience at SWEET we started selling tickets in 2014. 100% of the money collected from ticket sales is donated to local women’s charity. This year the event sold out three weeks in advance. The 12th anniversary  edition of SWEET will be held on March 31st, 2019.

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