Tips for Your Adventure Travel Trip

Going on an adventure travel trip? Here are a few tips and ideas from your friends at Bushtukah.

Get some good advice before you go:

Buy a book! The internet is great and it’s probably more up to date but books don’t require Wifi, power or a data plan which makes them pretty handy when you are on the road in a foreign country. There are lots out there and what works for you will depend on the kind of trip you want to take. For budget minded independent travelers Lonely Planet and Rough Guide are favourites. Let’s Go is popular with students but they cover less destinations.

Learn a little bit of the language. Even if it’s just hello, please and thank you. It’s worth the effort.

If you are going somewhere tropical you may need vaccinations before you leave. Check here for the most up to date information and talk to your doctor or a travel clinic. Don’t leave it to the last minute as some vaccinations need to be done well in advance.

Get up to date security information. The world is a happening place! The government of Canada provides travel advisories and you can register your trip with them .

Make sure your passport has at least six months left before it expires some countries require that for entry. You should also check visa and other entry requirements.

Take some basic precautions:

Make some photocopies of the front page of your passport. Leave one at home with friends or family and put another in your luggage separate from your passport.

Only bring the credit cards and ID you actually need. Leave extra ID and cards at home. Leave a credit card you don’t need with someone you trust so you can call and get the number if you need it in an emergency.


What to pack and how much to bring obviously depends on what you are going to do but here are a couple of things to consider.

Unless you plan to rent a car don’t pack more stuff than you can carry. Dragging large amounts of luggage around gets really old, really fast.

If you are renting a car your wheeled suitcases will probably work but if not get something you can put on your back or over your shoulder. Suitcases don’t roll well over cobble stone streets or dirt roads!

If you are actually going to backpack or do multiday hikes bring a real backpack. Get one that fits properly, your back will thank you later.

If you just need to move your gear from point A to point B consider a duffle bag that can be worn on your back such as Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Great because it is tough and water repellent, can be worn as a backpack or carried like a bag and it only has one compartment so you can lock it with a luggage lock. It’s great for throwing into the hold of a bus.

Consider a TSA approved luggage lock. It is not theft proof but it will make you bag less attractive to a thief than a bag without one and it’s unlikely customs will cut it off.

Some things you might want to put in your bag:

Some of these are an investment (some are not) but they are worth it.

  • Merino wool such as Icebreaker or Smartwool- be it socks, a shirt, a base layer or a sweater merino is great it’s warm and breathable, you can wear it for days without washing it and it still does not stink!
  • A Gore-Tex jacket. A quality Gore-Tex jacket will really keep you dry no matter what the weather does and it’s a great outer layer for wind and cold.
  • A hat and mitts. Unless you will never be cold these don’t take up much room and they will go a long way to keeping you warm. Even the tropics can be cold at elevation and the desert gets pretty cold at night.
  • A headlamp. Really important if your hike lasts longer than planed and useful for reading while others are trying to sleep or for late night bathroom trips.
  • Zip lock bags they are small and always useful.
  • A money belt so you can keep your valuables safe.
  • A smaller daypack or bag for daytrips
  • For the ladies, a dress or skirt that can be used wrinkled. There are many places where shorts are not acceptable and you might just want to wear something less hiking once in a while.
  • Insect repellent and sun block.
  • A mutli-tool (just don’t put it in your carry on).
  • An extra SD card for your camera.
  • A universal plug for sinks and bathtubs in case your room does not have one.
  • Patience and a sense of humor because adventures don’t always turn out quite how you planned but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them just the same!


2015 Events- The Girls Run Ottawa

This was the first year for this women’s only 5k event. It’s part of the  Canadian Woman’s Running Series which encourages participation and the bringing together of women of all ages. They even have a mother and daughter division.

The race started and finished at Terry Fox. A two loop course with enthusiastic participants.

This year’s event was held September 27th no date for  next year as of yet.

2015 Events- Cyclosportif Perth

This was the third year for this fall cycling tour and for the third year in a row the weather was outstanding! There are three rides available: The Roadie 100k, The Roadie Century and The Dirty Version- 100K on a mix of paved and dirt roads. Everything starts and ends at the Perth Fairgrounds where chilli and beer are severed post event.

We also like to think that this race has some of the best stocked rest stops ever. The shopping list for the Bushtukah rest stop included: 200 two-bite brownies, 80 bananas 150 bags of chips, 300 pieces of Halloween candy, Nunn, Gu and 14 jugs of water. The brownies went first!

The 2016 date for this event is September 24th. You can find more information here

2015 Events- 9 Run Run

This was the 6th year for this event. A 1/2 marathon, a 10K and a family 2k all held in Stittsville.

Ottawa’s Emergency Services support of this race makes it like no other in town. Uniformed Police. Paramedics and Firefighters passing out medals, the biggest flag around and the Chief’s Chilli  Cook-off which the Fire Services always win.

Over the last 4 years this event has raised over $100,000 for D.I.F.D.  Bushtukah has been involved with this race for several years. The 2016 date is not set but it is generally held the weekend after Thanksgiving. You can find more information here.

2015 Events- The Ride to Turn the Tide

The Kanata Grassroot Grannies set out each year on a three day 265km cycle tour in early September to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign.

Leaving Stittsville on a day which looked like it would turn out to be rather damp.

This vibrant group has started the ride from our Stittsville location for the last few years and this year they finished with a triumphant ride down Richmond Road to our Westboro store.

Twenty-three riders and four support crew raised a total of $58,371! We look forward to sponsoring them again in 2016.  Check out all the details in this interview

2015 Events- The Bushtukah Bring on the Bay 3K Open Water Swim

This was the 9th year for this event. A record 590 swimmers entered the water at the Nepean Sailing Club making this once again the biggest open water swim in eastern Canada and the second biggest in all of Canada.

Everyone involved with this event is a volunteer and ALL of the proceeds do directly to Easter Seals for use in the Ottawa area. This year over $56,000 was raised.

This year’s event featured a new rolling wave start to reduce congestion. It was also the first year for the swim angel program. They will both be back next year. The 2016 10th anniversary will be held on July 16th. You can find more details here.