Cycling Essentials

A multi toolfor fixing stuff on the road.

Cycling glovesfor comfort.

Lights– for safety at night.

A bike computer– so you can track how far you went.

Bike shorts – these can’t be returned so be sure to try them on. 

A helmetmake sure it fits correctly!

A bell or a hornrequired by law in Ottawa.

A bike pump- a floor pump for home &  mini pump for the road.

A good lockso your bike will be there when you get back!

Cool Weather Riding Essentials

Merino wool socksfor warm toes.

A face mask.

Bootiesfor warm feet.

A thin winter hatto go under a helmet.

A cycling jacket & pants

A bike trainerfor days it’s too cold.

A training DVD– to make indoor training more fun.

Great Cycling Add-ons

A set of brushesto keep your bike shiny clean.

A repair standfor fixing stuff at home.

A Trek Travel trip– because it’s not cold everywhere!

A  cycling GPSto track your miles and much more.

Gear Flossfor a clean cassette.

A CO2 pump– for fast fixes on the road.

A wheel setto go fast!

A Bontrager Flare RT tail lightfor daytime visibility

A Thule-Chariot trailerso you can bring the kids.

A torque wrench– for getting the adjustments right.

A Retul bike fitfor comfort and speed.

A waterproof breathable cycling jacketfor all weather

A Garmin Edge Explore 1000the ultimate GPS bike computer.

A Stages Cycling Power Meterpower measurement made easy.

A Garmin Varia Rearview Radarto be extra safe.


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