Ten Online Shopping Ideas for Triathletes

All of these items be found online at http://www.bushtukah.com and in our retail stores.

A assortment of energy products – to find a new favorite.


A Garmin Forerunner 920XT– the latest and greatest GPS watch for triathlon.


A micro fiber pack towel– light weight and compact.


Compression sleeves – for race and recovery.


A transition bag– to keep everything organized.


A time trial helmet– built for speed!


A race belt– a must for smooth transitions.


A bike frame bag– for snacks on the bike.


A myFloat– for safe open water swims.



A Bushtukah gift card – for use online or in store.


Ten Online Shopping Ideas for Cyclists

All of these items are available on our website http://www.bushtukah.com and in our retail stores.

A cycling jacket – for the ladies and for the gentlemen .


A Set of lights– to be seen and be safe.


A Thule Chariot bike trailer– so the kids can come along too.


A pair of cycling gloves-short finger for summer or full finger cooler days



Merino wool socks– once you try them you will never want anything else.



A set of arm or leg warmers– great for early spring rides.



A bike repair stand– a must for at home bike maintenance!


Garmin Varia Rearview Radar– this tail light has built in radar which can be used with Garmin Edge bike computers to warn cyclists of approaching vehicles. Watch the video.


A Bushtukah gift card-to go shopping!


A bike computer with built in GPS to track mileage on any bike. Some models even have maps.


Ten Online Shopping Ideas for Runners

Ten online shopping ideas for the runner in your life. These are available in store and online at http://www.Bushtukah.com

A hat.


Merino wool base layers– to keep them warm and dry


A Bushtukah gift card– so they can buy some new running shoes.


Merino wool run socks– Great for a little extra warmth on winter runs.


A race belt-so they don’t need to stick pins in their clothes when they race!


A headlamp– so they can see and be seen running at night.


A pair of Atlas Run snowshoes– for winter cross training.


A GoFit Foam Roller – for the taking out the knots after a run.


A Garmin Forerunner 230– Just updated this GPS watch will tell them everything they need to know and it even pairs with a smart phone.


Ice Trekkers – great for outdoor running on icy days.



Gift Ideas for Winter Sports Enthusiasts

Brushesto get the waxing just right.

A hatto keep your head warm!

Glovesto keep your hands warm.

Wind briefs– great for guys and not bad for girls either.

A Bufffor flexible extra warmth.

Glove linersfor really cold days.

Hiking poles– for snowshoeing.

Merino wool socksyou will want these every day.

A snowshoe bagto keep the snow out of your car.

A ski bagto keep the snow out of your car.

A quality pair of ski poleslighter and faster.    

A pair of winter bootsto use with snowshoes.

A waxing iron– especially for skate skis.

A waxing benchso no one waxes skis in your kitchen!

Snowshoesfor all kinds of things.

A base layersynthetic or wool both keep you warm.

A breathable jacketfor high energy activities.

A vest– for extra warmth.

A day packfor extra stuff.

A Garmin Forerunner 15so you know how fast you went.

A Garmin Fenix 3so you don’t get lost

Hand and toe warmersfor really cold days

A down jacketpacks up small for extra warmth if you need it.

An insulated containerfor a warm drink on a chilly day.

Sunglassesfor bright sunny days

A face mask – for the really cold day

Gift Ideas for Winter Hikers

The Basics

Merino Wool Socksto keep your feet warm and dry.

Hiking polesfor balance, snowshoeing and for saving your knees.

Yaktrax – for less snowy, more slippery days.


A good quality day pack

Base layers- synthetic or wool both great choices for warmth. Avoid cotton!

Things you should carry just in case

A compass- great for safety, no batteries required.

A whistle- for emergencies.

An emergency first aid kit.

An emergency blanket or a bivi sack

A headlampbecause things do not always go to plan.

An ignition steel- to make a fire (HINT: dryer lint makes great kindling).

Great add-ons for Winter Hikers

A snowshoe bagto keep the snow out of your car.

An MSR Micro Rocket stovea little stove for a quick warm-up drink and more.

Gaiters- to keep the snow out of your boots.

A Jetboil cooking system– fast and efficient for a quick hot drink on the trail.

A water filter- for safe hydration.

Garmin Fenix 3 – the best GPS watch for hiking.

An Icebreaker mid-layer- for extra warmth and they don’t get smelly.

A pair of waterproof breathable pants- great for winter hiking.

A waterproof phone case.

A Swiss Army knife or a multi tool.

An insulated canteen.

A backpack rain cover.

Glove liners.

Gift Ideas for Surviving Ottawa Winters

Merino wool sockstry them you will never go back.

Yaktrax or Ice Trekkers– for icy days.

A Buff– useful and flexible.

A balaclavafor the really cold days.

A cool looking hat– might as well look good.

A pair of really warm gloves or mitts

Ear Bags– to keep your ears warm without messing up your hair.

Gloves you can use with a touch screenfor texters.

Hand and toe warmers- for long lasting warmth

Glove linersfor added warmth.

 An Ice Breaker base layerhigh warmth, low bulk.

A down jacketlight and toasty.

A good pair of winter bootsmakes a huge difference.

A ¾ length parkato keep the lower half warm.

A fleecefor added warmth or around the house.

An insulated vestadd it under your coat on a really cold day or use it alone on a warm one.

Snow pantsbecause everyone should go out and play in the snow!

Sunglasses– because it’s bright out in the snow

Windbriefs to keep everything warm